Grapevine Wreath Sandwich Floor/Foot Chew Toy

Grapevine Wreath Sandwich Floor/Foot Chew Toy

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This toy is a great foot or floor toy for birds & critters alike that offers multiple textures! This is 3" grapevine wreath with a pine square in the center that are sandwiched between two birch cutouts, a 1" bitty bagel & a birch ball. This toy can come either dyed or natural & it is either strung with hemp/jute or sisal/seagrass/coconut rope. Please choose your preferences when adding to your cart.

*We recommend choosing the sisal/seagrass/coconut rope for critters/rodents such as rabbits, chinchillas & guinea pigs.

Measurements: Approximately 3"

Materials: Birch, Grapevine, Pine, Sisal/Seagrass Rope, Hemp/Jute, Coconut Rope

*Our wood is personally dyed with 100% safe Human Grade Food Dye & 70%/91% rubbing alcohol.
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