Noahs Ark And Novelty was started October 2014! My 4 Children and I have been Animal Lovers all our lives. I the Owner of My daughter Alexis O'larry, The Owner of Ever Faithful Exotics & Pet Bedding. After seeing Alexis Vend for the Glider community with limited resources for unique and great parts, We partnered together to create a online store for the Bird and Glider Community. Our goal was to offer affordable, Unique & hard to find items.

Noah was my Grandson( Noelle's Twin brother). He left us when he was 5 1/2 months young. Our love for animals has made our home seem like the Ark for the last 20 years! As tribute to our Angel Noah and the Animals we love We are honored to use his name! It is the perfect fit!! Hence was born. Noah and our happy customers are the driving force to succeed. We want to say THANK YOU to not only the customers who've shopped with us but also the wonderful people who've supported us and told others about our site! It's all of you who make this dream possible! It's all of you who help us keep something dear to our heart going! From Our Ark to yours THANK YOU !!! Christy & Alexis

We are available by phone from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.EST at 419-490-3689. You may also email us at We try to respond as quickly as possible. Thanks again!

We have a no return policy. Due to the nature that many of our items are intended to be used by pets, we do not accept returns for the health & safety of our customers & their own pets. We do our best to describe our products as accurately as possible by providing the measurements of each item as well as a picture for visual reference.

Although we only provide toys & toy parts that we feel are universally safe for your bird or sugar glider please bare in mind that there is no toy or toy part this is 100% safe. How you decided to incorporate our products into your own unique designs is completely up to you. What may be safe for a small bird, such as a Cockatiel, or 95 gram Sugar Glider may not be safe for large bird, such as a Macaw, or fluffy 140 gram Sugar Glider. When considering which toys or parts are best for your pet make sure you consider the size of your pet, whether they are aggressive chewers or not, rough on toys, etc. YOU know your pet the best to choose what toys you deem appropriate.

We recommend owners to check the wear & tear of their toys on a daily basis to ensure safety & continued use of the toys. If you have any questions feel free to send us an email.

Thanks for stopping by! We appreciate your business & continued support!

Questions can be emailed to
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