Large 6" Birdie,  Bunny & Critter Cozy Coves

Large 6" Birdie, Bunny & Critter Cozy Coves

Item# 6Cove
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This is our large 6" Cozy Cove! This size offers so many possibilities! Birdie, Bunny & Critter Bagels are perfect to add on to all sorts of toy creations. These are great for fun enrichment. Our bagels are especially great for feather pluckers, destructive birds, bunnies & critters. They are an inexpensive way to satisfy your birds, bunnies & critters needs for chewing, shredding & peeling! Non-Toxic! Assorted Colors. These would also be great tubes for small animals such as hamsters, mice, rats & gerbils! Sugar Gliders could easily fit in these too! Non-Toxic! Assorted Colors.

Length: 6" Inside Opening: 2.5"
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