Natural Virgin Cork Bark

Natural Virgin Cork Bark
*Virgin Cork* Here's a little info for those curious about the Virgin Cork we offer at Noah’s Ark And Novelty. *Cleaning instructions are at the bottom of this page* **Check out our YouTube channel for DIY videos for making hanging cork logs**

The precious and versatile vegetable tissue known as cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree (Quercus suber or as the Portuguese call it sobreiro). Cork (cortiça) is most easily stripped off the tree in late spring and summer when the cells are turgid and fragile and tear without being damaged. The tree quickly forms new layers of cork and restores its protective barrier. No tree is cut down. This simple fact makes cork harvesting exceptionally sustainable, leading to a unique balance between people and nature.

The virgin cork obtained directly from the harvest of the cork tree (suber) and is submitted to a rigorous process (where no synthetic materials are used) to make it 100% safe and clean, presenting a wide range of applications.

This is a stable product that does not suffer any change on its characteristics (physical and mechanical) during the stabilization process. The origin from a renewable raw material source, the non usage of synthetic materials, as well as the capacity of recycling for other usages, makes this an environment friendly product, ecological and sustainable.

Cork has a structure that you can compare with that from a honeycomb. Every cm2 consists of approximately 40 million cells. These cells, as well as the spaces inbetween, are filled with a kind of gass resembling air, without CO2. Thus the corkcells work as small sound and heat insulators and absorb pressure and shocks. This is what makes cork so remarkable. Up till today there has not been found any other material which combines the same characteristics as cork does.

The first stripping produces cork (virgin cork - "desbóia") that is too hard to be easily handled because it has an irregular structure. This makes it unusable by companies wanting a high grade cork for corks, furniture and other items. It makes it perfect for all of us creating unique habitats, enrichment and environment for our pets.

How has the cork been cleaned/sterilized ? Our Cork is heat treated to kill any organisms or bacteria. A chemical process was not used when cleaning our cork.

How do you clean the cork? To lighten the color of the cork, remove any green or pieces that are in the pits of the cork use a wire brush. I purchase my wire brushes from the dollar store in the tool section. I’ve also purchased them from Walmart and Home Depot. . These work great. When cut, Cork produces a very fine dust. When sawing or using a wire brush take a vacuum to remove the dust. It cleans up very easily. You can also give it a quick rinse and place in the sun to dry.
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